Welcome to our Telehealth Weight loss clinic

Take advantage of our telehealth weight loss clinic. You can be in any place in Florida and still be able to join our very effective weight loss clinic.
We have a long and successful history of achieving the desired weight target effectively and safely. We are experts in the field of hormones, metabolism, and weight loss.

– Physician supervised weight loss
– You will be evaluated by an experienced medical provider
– Easily scheduling from the comfort of your home using your computer or phone.
– Medications could be shipped to your door
– Start to lose weight and take control of your body today

Easy 3 steps.

4- After a thorough evaluation, our experineced provider will determine the best course of action.

5- Effective medications may be shipped to your door. We partnered with Strive Pharmacy for coompounding the above medications.Strivepharmacy.com
Address: 3906 Cragmont Dr, Tampa, FL 33619
(813) 644-7700

6- Start losing weight.

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Medications used include but are not limited to SEMAGLUTIDE + LEVOCARNITINE and  Tirzepatide-B12 .
SEMAGLUTIDE + LEVOCARNITINE is available for as low as $2.5 a day.
 Tirzepatide-B12 is available for as low as $5 a day.
Other medications can also be prescribed to your local pharmacy depending on your unique situation
and needs. Try it now