Having high cholesterol has no symptoms but it can be a life threatening condition. High cholesterol is serious problem that can lead to heart disease, clots, heart attacks & strokes. Sometimes, in certain people who have a family history of high cholesterol, there may be signs such as xanthomata (deposits of yellowish material containing cholesterol), xanthelasma palpebrarum (yellowish patches under the skin around the eyelids), & or arcus senilis (gray or white discoloring of the eye’s cornea). These symptoms are usually found in those people who have high cholesterol in their family.

If you are wondering if you have high cholesterol, we can screen you by doing a simple fasting blood test, here at our institute. Our laboratory testing will show you the different types of fat or lipids & their levels. 

If you have high cholesterol, we have a comprehensive treatment program for you. Treating cholesterol is very easy with certain diets, activity & medications or a combination of these.

We provide services to teach you the right kind of cholesterol you need & don’t need. We even offer visits with the nutritionist if needed to discuss dietary changes. We also do frequent follow up laboratory testing to determine your progress.

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