The Hair Institute is an important section of The Institute of Endocrinology Diabetes Health & Hormones. We specialize in preventing hair loss & in helping with healthy hair growth.

Do you suffer from excessive hair loss from the scalp? Are you looking for a way to stop hair loss & grow your hair back?

Hair loss can be very distressing. Many cases can be due to abnormal hormonal levels. Being a part of an Endocrine Institution, allows us to conduct thorough investigation to identify the reason of hair loss. We have established a comprehensive program to identify & treat hair thinning. We follow an effective strategy with proven benefits. 

The Hair Institute uses specific treatment regimens that are tailored to your specific case. The entire program is physician supervised to ensure your safety.

YES, you can stop hair loss 

We partnered with The Hair Loss Control Clinics , the leader in hair loss treatment nationally & internationally to help our clients establishing effective treatment to loss of scalp hair 

Androgenic Alopecia:

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is an important hormone at the hair level that can result in hair loss in men & women. This is particularly true in certain hormone related disorders. Examples of conditions that can cause hair loss include PCOS, Hyperandrogenism , menopause & genetic factors.

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